Medical Alert GPR Pet Tag




Services include

  • Lifetime pet registration on the GPR database linked to your online profile
  • Privacy: No personal information is displayed on our GPR pet tag (recommended)
  • 24/7 found pet helpline
  • Free Tag replacement if lost or damaged (subject to P&P)
  • Online profile with free updates at any time and up to 3 alternative contacts, e.g. family, friends or dog walkers, in the event we cannot get hold of you.

GPR Medical Alert tag: Online profile links any medical conditions or medications your pet requires for instant notification to vets or animal shelters if found.

Your Pet Profile

It is an easy way to store any medical conditions your pet may have or medications they require plus other special care requirements. We encourage you to add up to 3 emergency contacts, such as your vet, dog walker or neighbour, so that in the event your pet is found and we can’t reach you, we are able to alert someone else. Within your new profile, you might want to include other useful information, such as any special dietary needs, microchip number, as well as photographs of your pet. It’s completely free to change – so if you change your mobile number, or move house you must remember to keep it up to date!

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