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A lost family pet is the last thing you want to worry about before or after an international move. Global Pet Register provides you with a simple way of ensuring peace of mind before or after a hectic transition and for the years to come in your new home! 

Your pets may get separated from you at any stage before or after your move. Their safe return shouldn't depend on just a microchip or conventional tag!

GPR ID TagMicrochipConventional Tag
Internationally Readable
Easy to Update

Protect your pet for life 

Every pet registered on our International Pet Database is provided with a GPR collar tag displaying a unique ID number that is permanently linked to you, our website and 24/7 call centre.   

Anyone who finds your pet wearing our unique GPR ID tag can contact us via our 3 methods of alert to get your pet home quickly and safely:

  • our website address
  • a QR Code
  • our 24 hour contact centre telephone number 

Type, Scan or Call – either way the finder gets connected fast to GPR’s lost and found recovery team. In most cases, when a pet is reported found via smart phones, a geo-location map of the exact location is included of where the pet was found.




  • Global Pet Register offers owners of pets in transit and pet shippers an incredible layer of security that micro chips simply cannot compete with.

    Manuel Luenda - President of IPATA

  • The stress of our move was compounded when we couldn't find Sparky before his trip abroad, we got him back through GPR with time to spare.

    Sasha - owner of Sparky the Labradoodle

  • It took no time at all between Charlie disappearing and him returning, I put that entirely down to the GPR tag.

    Alan Jones, owner of Charlie the Golden Retriever

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