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Global Pet Register Lost and Found Pet Recovery Services - the first line of defence in re-uniting lost pets with their owners.

Founded in 2009, Global Pet Register Limited (GPR) is a global lost and found pet recovery service provider offering pet asset tracking products and services to the international community. GPR’s uniquely designed collar tag, which includes an identification code and website address, has become synonymous with our exclusive global pet reuniting service offering.  

Our high tech range of pet ID tags and asset tracking services are supported by a 24 hour dedicated contact centre and the tags also include QR Codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies that interact with smart phones to enable mobile devices to report a found pet quickly and effortlessly. In most cases, when a pet is reported found via smart phones a geo-location map of the exact location is included of where the pet was found.

GPR have an impressive response rate of 98% of finder reports being delivered to owners via text, email or phone almost instantly of GPR being notified of a found pet nearly anywhere in the world. 

To further differentiate our pet ID tags within the global recovery market, GPR provide additional services, which include: free ID tag replacements, unlimited access to free on-line pet profile where owners are able to store invaluable information about their pet, such as any medical information, special dietary requirements, photos and microchip number.

“GPR is an international pet tracking and recovery service that links the pet’s ID tag directly to the owner. We aim to provide the ultimate pet recovery solution for the international community.” said Mike George, Managing Director of GPR.

Corporate Responsibility

Building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers & partners.

Creating a successful and sustainable business requires more than financial results. Global Pet Register places great importance not just on what we do, but how we do it. We recognise the importance of building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, retailers and corporate partners.

We currently operate out of the UK and have expanded our business into Germany, where we will adopt the same working principles, leadership and ethics into this operation.

We appreciate what we do has an impact upon the environment. We therefore ensure that we use sustainable products and processes from concept, to design, manufacture, through to use and disposal.

Our employees are not only professionals in their own fields of work they are also share the same drive and motivation to build a successful organisation. This has been achieved by sourcing the right people to work with us and by empowering them to explore new channels to market and to use their skills and creativity to their fullest.

GPR are all about encouraging good, honest values among society and strongly promote responsible pet ownership through our unique pet product.

Through our targeted marketing campaign plans we will champion and support not-for-profit organisations and charities.

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