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Protect your pet for life 

Every pet registered on our International Pet Database is provided with a GPR collar tag displaying a unique ID number that is permanently linked to you, our website and 24/7 call centre.   

Anyone who finds your pet wearing our unique GPR ID tag can contact us via our 3 methods of alert to get your pet home quickly and safely:

  • our website address
  • a QR Code
  • our 24 hour contact centre telephone number 

Type, Scan or Call – either way the finder gets connected fast to GPR’s lost and found recovery team. In most cases, when a pet is reported found via smart phones, a geo-location map of the exact location is included of where the pet was found.



Do you know what information your pet's microchip holds?

It is just a serial number! Your and pet's details are not stored on the chip. If someone finds your pet and takes it to the vet to be scanned, the vet has to locate the database your information is stored on. They will not know in what country or on what database the information is stored so it will be extremely difficult to link you to your pet if your pet was scanned in another country. A microchip is reliable only when a pet stays in one country and at one address.

There are also many different microchip manufacturers and few universal chip readers that can decipher different types of chips. For example, a pet registered in Singapore may have an unreadable chip once it arrives in London or New York.

With a GPR ID Tag, there is no need for the finder of your pet to take it the local police station, animal shelter or to the vet to scan for the microchip!


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