Doppie is back home!

Cat was found in the Netherlands and reunited with the happy owner.
By Andrea Horn | | Read more

So lucky that Lucky has been found

Very happy family!
By John Charles | | Read more

Snow happily reunited in Melbourne, Australia!

Little Snow was very happy to see her Mum again
By Mike George | | Read more

Tom Cat found in New Jersey, US

Happy reunion!
By Andrea Horn | | Read more

Lovely Golden Cocker Spaniel Hector found wandering again in Aberdeen, Scotland!

Hector loves going for walk on his own..
By John Charles | | Read more

Beautiful brown Lab was reported found in Singapore

A very happy reunion!
By Louise Makin | | Read more

Magnum the Maine Coon was found wandering in Ohio, US, by two young ladies!

They contacted GPRSOS, we reported it to the family who said not too worry Magnum will come home when he is ready... Our follow up call that evening confirmed that Magnum returned home safely.
By Mike George | | Read more

Our escape artist Biscuit found again!

Again the family are delighted to have him back!
By Andrea Horn | | Read more

Daisy dog found! "She had only wandered 3 doors up - after my wife had popped next door. This way we get to meet more of our neighbours as a result"

"Thanks for yesterday Andrea."
By Andrea Horn | | Read more

A sincere thank you to the Global Pet Register team for successfully reuniting us with Hector after a few hours of high anxiety.

We are so happy to have registered Hector with you. Without it, the day could have ended very differently. Hector is now home and asleep. Once again, thank you so much, and for the thoughtful gesture of sending the lady who found him a token of recognition.
By Andrea Horn | | Read more

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